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Category Archive: Modesty

Talking to teenagers about s-e-x

“Surveys indicate that four out of five teenagers rarely talk to their parents about sex.” That’s not a surprise to anyone. “Yet most indicate they would like to do so. One of the surveys asked, ‘Whom would you most like to talk to you about sex: teacher, counselor, minister, friends, parents?’ The majority responded, ‘My [...]

What is immodest behavior?

Is there still a thing called immodest behavior? If we look at pop culture, movies, celebrity lifestyles, there isn’t much left of modesty. Anything goes. Do we still teach “decent behavior”, especially between the opposite sexes, to our children? I was talking to a friend today about how to teach modesty to our girls, and [...]

Three things I want my daughters to know

I have two daughters. But I have to be honest,  I have not always been intentional about teaching them “womanhood.”  However, I hope that the way I conduct myself as a woman and our occasional talks has taught them some important priorities of being a woman. Here’s what I want my daughters to know about [...]