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“How to” blog carnival

Robert over at Integral Web Solutions is hosting a blog carnival of “How to” articles. If you are not familiar with a blog carnival, it’s a post with links to other blogs on a particular theme. This blog carnival “How to” theme is so practical, with over 20 “How to” articles, from 7 Steps to [...]

Adults need milk too

Adults need milk too

Kids are not the only ones who need to drink milk. You’re probably getting your calcium without knowing it from the lattes you drink each day. Drinking lattes is a ritual millions of Americans look forward to every morning. But at about $3 dollars for a small cup, it’s a luxury that could cost nearly [...]

Timely financial help to get out of debt

Almost daily I hear of a friend or a friend of a friend losing their jobs. My husband and I are in real estate, so you know we are as financially stable as the next bank … I want to share with you a resource I just came across.  I have no vested interest in [...]