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Moms for modesty

April 23rd, 2008 / 12 Comments

Male high school teachers have a very tough job. I especially feel for their wives.

When 17 and 18 year-old girls wear tank tops, tight clothes, and short shorts, do you think the men teachers, even the most moral ones, would notice? How can the wives of the teachers compete with these young beauties?

Recently at a local high school here, a married male teacher was found to be having an affair with a former student. I don’t care to know the details, but I know that the marriage of this teacher broke up.

Lack of modesty with clothing is not a matter of style. It has serious consequences that is affecting our culture. Our good boys, our faithful husbands, our honest teachers, are human, and they would have to be superhuman to keep their thought life in the right place.

Girls dress to attract guys their own age, but do they realize that boys and men of all ages are looking at them too? Do they really want that kind of attention?

When you think of it this way, doesn’t it make you think twice about how you should teach your girls about modesty?

I found a great site that is challenging moms to make a commitment to take modesty seriously. Let’s take steps to go against the grain and teach our children what is right.

If you agree with this Mission Statement, put a comment here, or go to the Moms for Modesty website.

  • As a Mom for Modesty I believe in common-sense modesty for girls and young women.
  • I believe in refraining from sexualizing our girls and young women.
  • I believe that it is unwise and unfair to taunt boys and young men by permitting my daughter(s) to dress in an immodest manner.
  • I believe that true beauty comes from within and I strive to teach my daughter(s) this truth.
  • I will loyally shop at retailers that provide girls’ and young womens clothing that is modest, affordable and stylish.

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  1. I have 3 girls (ages 8,7 and 6) so this hits very close to home with me. I know I didn’t really get the importance of modesty when I was a teenager and I hope to help my girls understand this even better.

  2. I totally agree with this. I won’t even let my daughter have anything with the Bratz name on it, because I think they look like street-walkers!

  3. On the flip side, with no daughters in the monster house – I ask my boys if that’s a feature they’d like to have in a future girlfriend.

    When they step back and realize the kind of character statement a girl wears by “struttin’ her stuff,” they realize they’d prefer to be with someone who has a little more self respect.

    Great post, Katy

  4. Great to hear your commitment to bring up “good” kids who will understand modesty.

    Dette: That’s a great point about teaching boys.

  5. Thanks for this. Couldn’t agree more. I also think it is important for Dad to reinforce this. Girls get a lot of their attitudes about the opposite sex from Dad.

  6. Warrior: Thanks for adding that. I’m going to remind my husband to take our daughter on a date.

  7. Such a great movement to start! I will be putting a button up on BlogMommas.

  8. I saw the button, Becki! I hope others will follow.

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  12. Is there a daughters for modesty site? 🙂


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