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New year

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Three reasons why we should make New Year Resolutions

The #1 reason people give for not making new year resolutions is that they will fail to keep the resolution. It is probably true that many of us will not be able to keep to our resolutions. No need to go into personal examples to verify that fact! But still, I am making a case [...]

At the Gate of the Year

Are you looking forward to 2009 with anticipation or with anxiety? I tend to be a nervous kind of person. Two days ago we took our kids skiing at the local mountains; the anticipation kept me up half the night. When I came across this poem At the Gate of the Year by Minnie Louise [...]

Top New Year Resolutions

Top New Year Resolutions

What do you think are the top 4 New Year Resolutions made every year? View any poll on this topic and the top 4 will likely be Lose Weight, Exercise More, Stop Smoking, and Spend More Time with Family. Did you make one of these resolutions for this year? Since this site is about being [...]

A worthy goal for the new year

A worthy goal for the new year

My daughter said to me yesterday, “Mom, this week has been so fun. Let’s think about all the fun things we did. You go first and name 5 fun things we did.” It was Christmas vacation and of course, I reeled off not just five but 10 fun things we did. Then it was my [...]

Afraid of New Year Resolutions?

“Do you remember the Sunday School lesson you taught us at the beginning of this year?” One of my young adult Sunday School students asked me last week. I was embarrassed to say I do not even remember my own lesson! Yet, this was a lesson that this student remembered all year. She told me [...]