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Talking to teenagers about s-e-x

“Surveys indicate that four out of five teenagers rarely talk to their parents about sex.” That’s not a surprise to anyone. “Yet most indicate they would like to do so. One of the surveys asked, ‘Whom would you most like to talk to you about sex: teacher, counselor, minister, friends, parents?’ The majority responded, ‘My [...]

Dealing with aches and pains

Recently I’ve been experiencing a stiff right arm and shoulder, particularly when I sit at the computer too long. Maybe from mousing? Not a good sign. Limiting my time on the computer definitely helped (hence fewer posts here), along with improving my posture, and doing more stretching exercises. The reality is, with aging, the spirit [...]

5 healthy snacks made easy

Everyone is concerned about health – and that’s a good thing. I remember I use to have milk and Twinkies for snack after school…those days are gone! Easy to make healthy snacks, here we come! 1. Edamame – soy beans in a pod. Buy frozen and boil to eat. 2. Fruit smoothies – blend frozen [...]

$100 bathroom makeover

If your house is like mine, the bathroom gets a lot of use and it shows! I came across Lowe’s suggestion on a quick remodel of the bathroom for less than $100. I am estimating I can do this in 2 days, with my husband’s and the children’s help. I’m going to try it. The [...]

Struck by the flu

Everyone is getting sick, and now it’s my turn. It came on me suddenly with a sore throat, runny nose, and body aches. I try to avoid medicines as much as possible. Do you have any home remedies that you recommend? Here are a few I’m doing: – Drink warm/hot water rather than cold. It [...]

Back to school health

After a break of blogging for a couple of months in the summer, now it’s back to school, and back to routine for me, and back to blogging. My high school daughter is already loaded down with schoolwork.  Are your children staying afloat? I read a few good health tips from Kaiser Permanente. Some of [...]