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Category Archive: Respect

Role reversal

I had my father to my house for dinner last night. He is 89 years old living in an assisted living home. I opened the car door for him, I helped him put on his jacket, I drove him, I cooked for him, I supported him when he walked…I am doing all the things he [...]

Teaching children respect

Have you heard the complaint that kids nowadays do not show proper respect? I read an Agatha Christie mystery where a room full of eyewitnesses were not able to identify the culprit, because the murderer was dressed as one of the housekeepers in the hotel, and “no one ever looks at the face of servants.” [...]

How to deal with a kid who tattletales

“Mom, I saw him take another cookie!” “Did you know what she did at school today?” Parents are constantly dealing with irritants. Tattletaling is one of them that seems to be just annoying, but not serious. However, tattletaling can develop into a bad habit and character flaw in our children. My two older kids are [...]