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Back to school stress relieve

“It is so hard to wake up early for school!” Yes, back to the real world of schedules, classes and homework! Here are 3 quick tips on how to make back to school a little more palatable for your children. Put something special in their lunch box. A big homemade cookie, a small bag of [...]

What teachers really want to tell parents

With almost 3,000 comments, the article “What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents” by Ron Clark on CNN.com got [mostly] agreement from teachers and parents alike. As a parent, are you guilty of any of the issues that Clark says about parents who do not respect the work of the teacher? Here is one that [...]

Learn for free!

Is your child struggling with Algebra? Or maybe just not understanding a particular part such as polynomials? Or does he/she need help with chemistry, or biology? Before you go looking for a tutor, take a look at Khan Academy – where you can learn for free! A friend just introduced me to the site, and [...]

1000 recommended books

I’m going to begin writing some mini-posts and jot down quick thoughts more often. Here’s one for today: It’s raining hard where I am in Southern California – a rarity for us, but it happens. It’s the perfect type of day to stay indoors with a good book. But what to read? What’s appropriate for [...]

Going to school or getting an education?

My daughter has a massive amount of exams and projects coming up, reminding me of the quote attributed to Mark Twain – “Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” Is she truly getting an education with all this schoolwork? Read my post that I wrote for the Walnut Patch where I address [...]

Parents being graded by teachers?

Adults receive evaluations for work performance, students gets graded at school, so how about giving parents an evaluation as well? I just read that Florida State Representative Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) is proposing a bill that will require parents of kids in elementary school to be graded on their school involvement. According to The Ledger, the [...]

What values are we really teaching our children?

The high school in my neighborhood is highly competitive academically. The kids there are not satisfied with getting into college, they are aiming for Ivy Leagues. At the same time, there is also a growing problem of cheating and plagiarism. Somehow these high schoolers are getting the idea that good grades must be obtained at [...]

Different approaches to getting homework done

Does your child need to relax a bit after school before starting on homework, or does he like to start on it right away? (my daughter is the latter.) According to Priscilla Dunstan in her interesting article “Child Sense: Time for homework”, understanding your child’s dominant sense can determine the best approach to getting homework [...]

Back to school health

After a break of blogging for a couple of months in the summer, now it’s back to school, and back to routine for me, and back to blogging. My high school daughter is already loaded down with schoolwork.  Are your children staying afloat? I read a few good health tips from Kaiser Permanente. Some of [...]

Is it wrong to offer rewards to kids for something they should do?

A parent asked me, “Isn’t it wrong for parents to reward their children for something they should do, such as their homework? I would reward them for doing something above and beyond expectations, but why should I reward them for something that is their everyday responsibility?” In the previous post, I offered a suggestion on [...]