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Category Archive: Preschoolers

Bedtime routines for you and your kids

We all have bedtime routines. What are yours? I brush my teeth, moisturize my face, brush my hair and clean the bathroom mirror; then I prop up my pillows and sit on my bed to pray and read before I turn off the light. Our bedtime rituals are often not intentional, but over time, they [...]

When it’s one of THOSE days

No matter what a great parent we may be, we all have one of THOSE days…the baby is hollering, the kids are fighting, the dishwasher overflows, there’s nothing for dinner… We’ve tried all the usual tricks – bake cookies, play with Playdough, eat snacks, watch TV, eat another snack… Nothing is working. I just read [...]

Dealing with lying

“I didn’t do it!” “I didn’t steal it, she gave it to me!” Lying is one offense that I will not put up with. It is not only an affront to the people you are lying to, but it ultimately robs you of your character. Having a good character is the value of being human. [...]

Developing writing skills and more

I was cleaning out my dresser and found a box of cards that I saved. Each one is priceless to me, handmade and given by my children for all kinds of occasions. Some were just made out of scratch paper with the words :I luv you, momy!” Each one reflected my children’s personality and stage [...]