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What is immodest behavior?

March 8th, 2010

Is there still a thing called immodest behavior?

If we look at pop culture, movies, celebrity lifestyles, there isn’t much left of modesty. Anything goes.

Do we still teach “decent behavior”, especially between the opposite sexes, to our children? I was talking to a friend today about how to teach modesty to our girls, and what the standards are of modesty. How careful should our girls be?

Is it appropriate for a girl to call a boy? To ask him for a date?

Is it decent for high schoolers to be kissing in the hallways at school?

Is it immodest for a girl and boy to study in his dorm room by themselves, even if they are just “friends”?

Is it unseemly for a girl to lie on the couch with boys around?

How do we teach the difference between a little coquettishness and outright lewdness?

What do you think? What ideals would you want your daughters to follow?

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  1. I like your views. Not many talk about these things. Continue to write about them… Thanks for sharing them with us. I feel I am not alone with the way I would like to raise my children.

  2. Parents need to be the ultimate authority. When teens wear inappropriate clothing or makeup it reflects on the parents. Unfortunately, we have mothers who are not good role models for their own children. Some mothers want to retain their youth through clothing. I’ve seen mothers short skirts or dresses, low cleavage, snug clothing and bear backs. Some might say they are pleased with their bodies and choose to flaunt it. They often state women who disapprove means they are just jealous.
    I say its meant only for your husband’s eyes. Any man who approves of these type of clothing choices needs to feel shameful because they are advertising their women.
    Women often do it knowingly that they will attract other men’s attention. Anyone who disputes that must think men are blind. It has gotten so bad that what use to be considered too revealing is now acceptable. We use to think only ladies of the night or loose women dressed this way because they craved love and company no matter how they got it. So what is the difference?
    Where are the husbands/fathers? If there are real men then they would not allow their wives and daughters dress immodest. I’m not talking about machismo I’m talking about men who love their wives and children enough to step in to discourage this type of dress.
    The reason this is normal…flesh exposure… its because we don’t care what people think. We want to do what we want and how we want at the cost of our children and self-respect. The morals and values for many are non-existence because that’s the society we live and we are conforming to it by personal choice.
    Women have the ability to dress attractively without showing the goods. Beauty comes from heart not the physical appearance. Some women strongly believe in making a bold statement by using their bodies to get attention from an audience specifically men. Adult women are very aware of what they are doing by sometimes try to use excuses like this is more comfortable, cooler and desire to dress in style.
    All you have to look at today’s world to see how eroded its become. Where are the children? Where is their innocence? Children having intimate relations way too young. Then there are the perverts. They are everywhere. What about pornography this is all tied in together.
    We need to save our children, save our society by being responsible, accountable and caring parents.


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