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Is the fashion industry sexualizing our girls?

October 20th, 2008 / 4 Comments

Do you love to shop?? Duh, that’s a rhetorical question!

My daughter loves to go to the mall – Hollister, Anchor Blue, Forever 21 – you know, all those stores with the cute teen fashions. After a while, they all look the same to me!

Have you noticed that the sizes offered are very small? I saw pants that were size 00 – that’s size double zero! And there’s XXSmall shirts. It seems to me that these clothes are geared towards little girls, not just teenagers.

With the popularity of High School Musical and the Hannah Montana types among elementary age kids, girls are influenced to dress and look older than they are.

My interview on this podcast is with Dannah Gresh. Dannah is a best-selling author who is taking the fashion industry to task over the issue of sexualizing little girls. Her popular book And the Bride Wore White is widely read.

Dannah is also the creator of a whole line of products that help moms and their 8-12 year old girls connect on issues like boys, modesty, beauty and mean girls. Find out more about these helpful materials at

Click below to listen to the podcast.

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  1. YES! I definitely think that the fashion industry is sexualizing our girls. And boys. Another reason I refuse to shop at Abercrombie, on top of their ridiculous prices. Thank goodness there are sites like Dannah’s to help balance it – we sure need all the help we can get!

  2. I think it’s definitely sexualizing girls. My daughter is 15 and thinks she HAS to dress like she’s 24. I constantly see older men looking at her, not realizing how young she really is. I think I have half a closet of clothes I’ve confiscated that she’s just not old enough to wear yet.

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