Parenting is my life and my passion.

But raising “Good” kids is a challenge!

This site is here to talk about raising our kids to be people of compassion, integrity and character. Here you will find support for you through practical and simple advice on raising “good” kids with conservative values.

The Adventures of a parent are many – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Everything I write on this site are experiences I’ve gone through. Most of the ideas I share have been used with my own children. I don’t have degrees in psychology or child development, but some things you just can’t learn from book, like learning from my mistakes. I wish I had known about this stuff when my kids were younger.

Since I am the perfect parent Even though I’ve made my share of mistakes, I am quite proud that my children are turning out to be pretty “good” people who are growing in compassion, integrity, and character. They are the fruits of my 20+ years of labor – and you thought labor was just 20 hours!

I have four children, a boy and a girl in college, and my youngest is my daughter in junior high. My fourth child is my son in heaven with Jesus. He was 4 months old when he left this world. I look forward to reuniting with him one day.

Our home town is Walnut, California, a small suburb of 30,000 people, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles. Wikipedia actually has a listing on Walnut.

If you are a parent who wants to consult another parent who has gone through, and are still going through the various stages of parenthood, feel free to Contact me me. I’ll be glad to be your mentor in raising good kids with conservative values.

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With Love,

Katy Lee