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Category Archive: Faith

Family Worship

The concept that families should be the place for spiritual development has been largely lost. In our current culture, parents rely on the church to take their place. When I read this in the February issue of the California Southern Baptist periodical, it seemed like a radical idea, but I like it! I wish we [...]

Discipling children: Engaging their doubts

(This is the continuation of the series on Discipling Our Children.) If you are a Christian and want to raise your children to embrace a life of faith in Jesus Christ, I can guarantee you that at some point, in fact at many points, your children will have doubts about the beliefs that you taught [...]

What I want for my little girl

A little humor and a timeless message from The Duke.

Praying for your rebellious child

I read this on Family Life yesterday. May it encourage you to never give up praying for your children, no matter where they are spiritually. One of the greatest examples of [praying and trusting God with a rebellious child] is Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine. She watched him spend his teenage and young adult [...]

Passing on values to our children

A couple of weekends ago, I did a workshop on the topic of “Helping our children grow spiritually.” This topic of children’s spiritual growth has grown in popularity recently due to the concern of teenagers leaving their faith once they are out of high school. Even though I’ve taught this workshop before, I always research [...]

Two things I pray for my children

How do you pray for your children? “I pray my son will take a nice long nap today!” “Please God, help my daughter to do well on her test tomorrow.” “God, please help my kids to get over the stomach flu real fast!” I often pray those types of here-and-now type of prayers for my [...]