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Category Archive: Self-esteem

10 things your kids really want from you

Your child may say he wants those $200 pair of Nikes, but what he really wants from you is not what money can buy. What children need is not more stuff that fills space, but the kind of stuff that fulfills their emotional needs, the space in their hearts. Ask a child what he wants [...]

Comparing Hong Kong moms and Chicago moms

I came across this vid of Katie Couric interviewing author Ashley Merryman and parenting blogger Liz Gumbinner about controversial parenting approaches uncovered by Tiger Mom Amy Chua. Don’t worry, the interview is not only about Tiger Mom and her berating methods. That horse has been beaten enough. What I found interesting was Ashley Merryman talks [...]

Dealing with difficult tween years

A parent asked me, “My 11-year-old is disrespectful, talks back to us, and unmotivated in school. We’ve tried talking to her, giving her rewards and punishment, nothing seems to work. What should we do?” My son also had a difficult time when he was 11, just going into middle school. I’ve talked to several parents [...]