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Discipling our children

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Family Worship

The concept that families should be the place for spiritual development has been largely lost. In our current culture, parents rely on the church to take their place. When I read this in the February issue of the California Southern Baptist periodical, it seemed like a radical idea, but I like it! I wish we [...]

Discipling children: Spending one-on-one time

(This is the continuation of the series on Discipling Our Children.) If you are not an only child, perhaps you have felt that your parents loved your siblings more than you. Or maybe you were the one loved more. Now that you are the parent, you know that parents have enough love to go around, [...]

Discipling children: Engaging their doubts

(This is the continuation of the series on Discipling Our Children.) If you are a Christian and want to raise your children to embrace a life of faith in Jesus Christ, I can guarantee you that at some point, in fact at many points, your children will have doubts about the beliefs that you taught [...]

Discipling our children: Engage their schooling

(This is the continuation of the series on Discipling Our Children.) You may think I’m crazy, but I read all my children’s textbooks and literature books.  It beats watching TV, and I am feeling a lot smarter!  I get to learn, once again, about Lewis and Clark, the figures of speech of Edgar Allen Poe, [...]

Discipling our children: Engaging technology

(Continuation from Part 3 in the discipleship series) So what can we do to disciple our children? I can suggest a million things, but I’m sure no one wants to read all that. I’ll talk about the most practical ones that I’ve done with my own children and you can pick and choose which applies [...]

Discipling our children, part 3

Continuing from part two in the series, the second general principle of discipling our children is: 2. Discipleship happens within a relationship. Have you ever wondered why “sinners” such as tax collectors and prostitutes love Jesus?  Do you think it’s because he preaches to them about God?  I am pretty sure that they can stand [...]

Discipling our children, part 2

I started a series on discipling our children in preparation for a workshop that I will be doing on this topic. There are a couple of major principles about discipling that is different from discipline. 1. Don’t expect immediate or quick results. One of my favorite author is Kevin Leman.  He has a book titled [...]

Discipling our children, part 1

In a couple of weeks, I will be presenting a short workshop for parents on discipling our children. It’s hard to narrow down into one hour what is most important to share on this huge topic. But then, I am a firm believer that less is more, so one hour is certainly sufficient to pack [...]