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Hear it from the guys about modesty

June 11th, 2008

Have you noticed that It doesn’t come off well when we tell our girls to dress modestly?

Yes, we’ve been told we are old-fashion, we are too conservative, we don’t know the current styles, we are out of date, everyone else wears it, etc., etc., etc.

Girls basically dress to be attractive to boys, right? What if they can hear from the guys what they think of the way girls dress? What if they hear from the guys what they think about girls who dress immodestly?

Check out what decent guys are saying about everything from makeup and jewelry to swimsuits and layering!

No more lectures from us! Show this website to your teens and let them see for themselves what guys really think about what they wear. I think it will help our girls see the way they dress from a different light. Since the survey was anonymous, I think the answers are very honest.

The survey and compilation of data was done by The Rebelution. I’ve been very impressed with The Rebelution – a movement started by two teenage guys to challenge teens to rebel against the low expectations of our culture.

This modesty survey done by The Rebelution is exactly the kind of information I wanted to have. And these teenagers were able to gather a good amount of responses from literally all over the world. If you have teenagers, introduce them to this site, and get them on board to “Do Hard Things.”

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  1. I love hearing that moms are asking their girls to dress modestly (which in my mind doesn’t mean wearing a burlap sack). I am appalled constantly at what girls as young as 5 are wearing in my city.

    Guys have a weakness. It’s called eyesight. Anything that can be done to minimize the temptation to “look” is a good thing.

  2. Thanks for the men’s perspective, Pete. I am surprised that moms are not more concerned about how men look at their daughters.


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