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Answers to your parenting questions

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How many minutes should I let my children text?

A parent asked me this question: “Our cell phone plan allows unlimited texts, but I think our 8th grade son is overdoing it with over 3000 minutes a month. What should I do?” First of all, check his phone and make sure there are no inappropriate texting of words and pictures, or with strangers. Be [...]

What new parents need to know

I was asked the question, “What advice would you give to a new parent?” Aside from the usual get some sleep and get more take-out food, just remember Love and Laughter: * Hugs along the way. Don’t let your moods keep people away. Instead of “leave me alone”, you need a touch of affection. You [...]

Conversation starters

“How was school today?” Fine. “What did you do?” Nothing. “Anything interesting? No. Conversation with your kids not getting anywhere? A parent asked me how she can get her child to tell her about what’s going on at school. Since you are the adult here, don’t blame the child for not wanting to talk. He [...]

What parents should do everyday

My friend asked for advice as a new mom. There are volumes written on being a parent.  But if I have to simplify it all down to 5 points, because no one likes to read a long post, here is the advice I would give to a mom. Do these 5 concrete action items everyday. [...]

Advice for a new mom

Advice for a new mom

A friend of mine had her first baby last week. On her Facebook status, she said, “Bring on the new parent advice!” What advice would you give her? Photo by ephotography

Should I allow my child to text?

A parent asked me, “Should I allow my 13-year-old to use her cellphone for texting, or should I block that feature?” To answer that question, I went to my expert advisor, my 14-year-old daughter. “Do you think kids your age should be allowed to text?” What do you think is her answer? She said, “There [...]