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Three things I want my daughters to know

March 5th, 2010

I have two daughters. But I have to be honest,  I have not always been intentional about teaching them “womanhood.”  However, I hope that the way I conduct myself as a woman and our occasional talks has taught them some important priorities of being a woman.

Here’s what I want my daughters to know about being a woman:

1. Modesty. In a culture of  Paris Hilton and Victoria Secret displays where practically nothing is left to the imagination, modesty still means something. Moms with sons tell me that girls are always calling at their house, as young as 6th graders! I’m thinking, is anyone teaching these girls modesty? I want my daughters to dress modestly and behave modestly.

2. Domestic Arts. Does anyone sew, make their own bread, or grow their own vegetables anymore? My friend recently showed me a quilt she is working on. It’s beautiful! I’ve done some sewing with my girls, nothing elaborate. We’ve done a lot of cooking and baking from scratch. I don’t call it “housework”. It really is an art.

3. Family First. I’ve heard it said that anyone can fill your position at work, but no one can fill your position at home. While it is a good thing that women now have options, it doesn’t mean they have to choose to work outside the home. I want my daughters to know that being home to raise their family is a high calling, worthy to invest their lives on it.

What do you want your daughters to know?

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