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Family Worship

February 23rd, 2012

The concept that families should be the place for spiritual development has been largely lost. In our current culture, parents rely on the church to take their place.

When I read this in the February issue of the California Southern Baptist periodical, it seemed like a radical idea, but I like it! I wish we can do this at our churches!

Baptists of yesteryear promoted family altars and personal devotional time.  My earliest memory of the Alabama Baptist church is one that met quarter time. The church had Sunday school each week, but the preacher came only once a month to lead corporate services.  Later, “preaching” was held every other week.

Families are expected to read the Bible and prayed together each day.  In addition, everyone was encouraged to have a private devotional time when he or she got alone with God to read His Word and pray.…

When Christians renew their private, personal worship times with the Lord, then, I believe, we will see a difference in the quality of our corporate worship experiences before Him.  (By Bob Terry)


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