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Developing good eating habits

February 4th, 2009

My dad is pretty healthy for being 85 years old. He lives alone, takes care of himself, and can still drive locally in the day time.

I don’t remember my dad being particularly health conscious when I was growing up. We weren’t counting calories or eating organic foods. But I’ve picked up some healthy eating habits from my dad that I teach my children today:

1. Eat only 80% full. You don’t have to stuff yourself.  No matter how good the meal is, there’s always going to be a another meal in a few hours.

2. Don’t finish your plate. Unusual for a mom to say that, isn’t it? I tell my children it’s ok not to eat everything. Once it goes on their plate, it’s not going to feed any starving children in Africa anyway. It would truly be a waste if they eat it – wasting money on doctor bills when they become unhealthy from overeating.

3. You don’t buy it, you don’t eat it. If junk food is not around, there is no way for chips and sodas to find their way into the mouths of our children. I save a lot of money by not buying junk food.

4. Water solves all your problems. If you feel tired, drink a glass of ice water to wake you up. If you have a cold, plenty of water will keep your throat moist and clear. With no sodas around the house, water is pretty much the only choice of beverage.

5. Healthy foods should be tasty. My kids love oatmeal because I make it sweet with fruits and nuts. They like brussel sprouts too! If healthy foods do not taste good, it won’t become a lifestyle habit to eat healthy.

What other good eating habits do you have?

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