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1000 recommended books

March 21st, 2011

I’m going to begin writing some mini-posts and jot down quick thoughts more often.

Here’s one for today:

It’s raining hard where I am in Southern California – a rarity for us, but it happens. It’s the perfect type of day to stay indoors with a good book.

But what to read? What’s appropriate for your children? What are some good classics that we should all be familiar with? Are you looking for good books for your children to read rather than pop culture books?

I came across this website that recommends 1000 good books, conveniently grouped by reading level. This list is compiled by 25 homeschooling moms with these criteria in mind:

The criteria we used to judge inclusion are: Does the book have literary value? Does the book re-emphasize a Biblical worldview or the Judeo-Christian heritage in some way? Does the book teach, through whatever means, what is moral or just or true? Does the book encourage to love and good works? Does the book exemplify warmth, tenderness, courage, humor, and other values and characteristics that we desire our children to be exposed to? Does the book nourish the intellect and fire the imagination? Does the book cross age barriers to be enjoyed by all?

There are many titles there that I am unfamiliar with, so it’s definitely opening up my horizons. While it’s certainly not an exhaustive list of good books, 1000 books are enough, isn’t it?? It’s enough to choose from to keep you entertained, whether it’s raining, snowing, or a warm sunny day to sit outside on a lawn chair to read. You know where to find me!


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