Different approaches to getting homework done

Does your child need to relax a bit after school before starting on homework, or does he like to start on it right away? (my daughter is the latter.)

According to Priscilla Dunstan in her interesting article “Child Sense: Time for homework”, understanding your child’s dominant sense can determine the best approach to getting homework done.

According to Dunstan, “Every child is born into this world with a dominant sensory mode which dictates how he communicates, influences how he responds to people and stimuli, and shapes the way he understands the world.”

For example, tactile children need to move. Don’t expect them to come home from school and get down to homework. Give them a snack and a short play time first.

There is the auditory child, the visual child, the taste and smell child, each with natural tendencies that require a different way of approaching their homework. Some need to talk while others need less stimulation to calm down. Some will be more productive staying at school to do their homework.

Take a look at the characteristics of the sensory modes at Childsense.com and see how understanding your child’s dominant sense can best prepare your child to do homework.

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