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Questions sixth-graders ask, and how would you answer?

February 22nd, 2011

Dennis Rainey of Family Life asked his 6th grade Sunday School classes, “If you could ask your parents any question, knowing that I would ask it for you and then give you the answer later, what would it be?”

Here were some of the responses. Remember, these were 6th graders at church.

“If I became pregnant before marriage, what would your reaction be?”
“Did you have sex before you were married? Who with?”
“How old will I be before I can kiss?”

Parents don’t realize that 6th graders, or even younger, are not thinking about hopscotch and coloring books anymore. Kids today are developing fast, and with the influence of the media, they are thinking, talking, and making decisions on life issues such as dating, sex, pornography, suicide, drugs, and alcohol.

Are you prepared to engage your children with these subjects to guide them in their growth? How would you answer those questions if your child was to ask you?

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