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Stay at Home Daughter-hood

February 15th, 2011

In our culture today, our children automatically assume they will go to college, get a degree, and work full time to make money.

Is this really the only option for our children, particularly our daughters?

Today’s post is written by Rachel, a young lady who has chosen to be a stay at home daughter. She explains what she does, and why she chose a nontraditional route of staying at home to serve her family. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your life journey with us.

I know a lot of the people reading this wont know what a stay at home daughter is, or does. But I am here to assure you that any daughter can be a stay at home daughter. If that is what God has called her to be. I want to start by giving you a brief summary of what God has been doing in my life.

At the beginning of my senior year I began visiting a small christian college near my home. I was fairly certain I would be attending that college the following year. That’s when my mom and I watched the video The Return of the Daughters and read the book So Much More by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. It changed my prospective so much. Prior to reading their book I assumed the only logical choice for me was to attend college. It never even crossed my mind to question why I was going to college and if that was the best option for me. But after reading their book I decided to step back and prayerfully consider what God wanted me to pursue after high school. During this time of praying and waiting on the Lord it became clear to my parents, and to me what God wanted me to do. So then we began searching for ways to obtain college credit online and through CLEP testing (College Level Examination Program) while staying at home and serving my family.

I know some of you are curious as to what a stay at home daughter does. Do we just sit at home twiddling our thumbs and waiting for prince charming to come and rescue us? No, there are so many things God will bring into your life. But let me remind you that God’s plan for your life will look different than mine or any other stay at home daughters. For instance you may have an elderly neighbor that is lonely or a young mother who could really use your help once a week or even just once a month. But most importantly you will be helping and serving your family. I don’t know about your home, but in mine there is never a lack of things to be done.

As to the why you should consider being a stay at home daughter, what better place for you to grow? I am learning the things that will prepare me for marriage.(Lord willing) How many girls know how to pay bills, do their taxes, balance a checkbook, run a home or even just cook dinner while juggling laundry and everything else along with it?! But one of the things I love most is knowing the memories I am making with my family now, will be treasured for the rest if my life. Living in my father’s home is one of the safest and most protected feelings I could ever have. I would challenge every girl to consider staying at home instead of going the typical college route. Is being a stay at home daughter for everyone? No, I have no right to say you are wrong by going to college. That is between you, God and your parents. I will be the first to tell you that it’s not easy to live at home with your family after high school. But it will grow you in ways you never would have imagined. No one wants to be the odd man out (or woman) and believe me you will stick out like a sore thumb but it’s worth it. Every bad day and mean comment you get won’t compare to the joy and happiness you will find in embracing God’s best for your life.

Right now I am working on getting all the college credits needed for a BA in music from Thomas Edison State College. They allow you to apply up to 120 credits from various sources towards your degree. I am a member of the Oklahoma Community Orchestra, I work part time as the secretary for my dad’s business, and I take private violin and voice lessons. I love reading books that encourage me in my walk with the Lord. Plus I like to ice skate, knit, crochet, hike, sail, play the piano, write, sew, scrapbook, make people laugh, learn new things, play games with my family, and find thrift store bargains.

Me and my family

I have just a few closing thoughts to this…lengthy…ehm…post. If you would like to learn more about being a stay at home daughter I would encourage you to get Joyfully at Home by Jasmine Baucham, So Much More by The Botkin sisters, and their movie The Return of the Daughters. All of them can be found at  Thank you Mrs. Lee for giving me the opportunity to write this post. May God bless all of you for your faithfulness.

~*~ Rachel~*~

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