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Who is raising your kids?

January 25th, 2011

The controversy of MTV”s Skins has provoked a good question – Who has the responsibility for your kids?

If we answer that question correctly, we will know what to do with pop media influences like MTV, shocking music, violent computer games, and all the rest of the culture around us.

Tina Wells on the Huffington Post says it right –

Sean Hannity asked me today on his radio show if I felt MTV had a responsibility to their viewers. No, I don’t. I think parents have a responsibility to their children to not allow them to consume inappropriate content. And if their children sneak and explore that content (we did all the time), their family values should be strong enough to overcome it.

We hear the lament that our parents never had to deal with what we face with our children today. They didn’t deal with guns at school and raunchy TV shows. But to be fair, parenting has never been easy.

Parenting requires a commitment with a view that we have the sole responsibility for our kids – not the school, not the church, not the nanny, not the media, not the government. In the past, parents understood that and made the sacrifices to get the job done.

Influences out there like MTV is a wake up call to us that we need to again take up that responsibility of parenting with total commitment. We are the ones who are responsible for our kids.

And if we become lax, someone else will take over our job.

And that someone else is MTV. Isn’t that enough to scare you?

Think about who is in fact actually raising your kids?

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  1. Yes! I agree that parents have the sole responsibility for their kids….


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