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In praise of my mother-in-law

You don’t read a title like that very often, do you? It’s not easy being a mother-in-law. I can already see myself being a critical mother-in-law. As my children enter the dating age, I can’t see how there is anyone out there good enough to marry my perfect children! Hence, being a mother naturally leads [...]

My surgery experience

You know that I usually write about parenting topics here on this site. But once in a while, I like to post something personal about me, so hopefully you’ll get to know the me behind the posts that you read. And to know that I am a real person! On Monday, I had surgery to [...]

What new parents need to know

I was asked the question, “What advice would you give to a new parent?” Aside from the usual get some sleep and get more take-out food, just remember Love and Laughter: * Hugs along the way. Don’t let your moods keep people away. Instead of “leave me alone”, you need a touch of affection. You [...]

Teaching children respect

Have you heard the complaint that kids nowadays do not show proper respect? I read an Agatha Christie mystery where a room full of eyewitnesses were not able to identify the culprit, because the murderer was dressed as one of the housekeepers in the hotel, and “no one ever looks at the face of servants.” [...]

What character goals do we have for our children?

Soccer, basketball, scouting, karate, piano lessons,  art lessons – we give our children many opportunities to grow. Have we also considered the character traits that we want our children to develop? It can be all too easy to let the prevailing culture’s values carry us along while we are too busy with the daily living. [...]

Two things I pray for my children

How do you pray for your children? “I pray my son will take a nice long nap today!” “Please God, help my daughter to do well on her test tomorrow.” “God, please help my kids to get over the stomach flu real fast!” I often pray those types of here-and-now type of prayers for my [...]

Who is praying for your children?

Who prays for your children, everyday? Your pastor? The Sunday School teacher, friends and relatives? At best they will pray for your children occasionally and when you have a needy request. No one but you the parent will even think of praying for your children everyday. This statement from Dennis and Barbara Rainey of Family [...]

What values are we really teaching our children?

The high school in my neighborhood is highly competitive academically. The kids there are not satisfied with getting into college, they are aiming for Ivy Leagues. At the same time, there is also a growing problem of cheating and plagiarism. Somehow these high schoolers are getting the idea that good grades must be obtained at [...]