Who is praying for your children?

Who prays for your children, everyday? Your pastor? The Sunday School teacher, friends and relatives? At best they will pray for your children occasionally and when you have a needy request.

No one but you the parent will even think of praying for your children everyday.

This statement from Dennis and Barbara Rainey of Family Life hit me between the eyes:

“Once we give up the naive idea that we parents can dictate the choices our children will make and the spiritual gate they will walk through—narrow or broad—then we are ready to slip on the kneepads and get serious about prayer.”

Am I naively thinking that my children are “safe” in a good school and nice neighborhood?

Am I naively thinking that methods and techniques that I use will make my children foolproof from making poor choices?

Am I naively thinking that my children are immune to temptations and peer pressures?

Stop being naive and start praying!

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  1. Leslie S.

    AMEN! :)

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