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What to do when kids disobey

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  2. Kelly Smith

    This is exactly what I have been doing with my gang and you are right-it works!!!!!!!My daughter always wants to go to friends’ houses or have them over at our house and I always say no if she hasnt cleaned her sty of a room!!! Now it’s the cleanest it has ever been!

  3. marissa nart

    thanks to this website, my 16 year old daughter obeys me more than ever.

  4. Keke W

    My oldest daughter of 2 has been flunking classes, disobeying and has stole from me. The biggest trip of the year is now approaching. Should i take her with me? My family say no, but i don’t want to leave her out. Please respond.

  5. Krystal

    Any suggestions for a preschooler (3) and a 5 year old? I’ve found that I don’t really have as many times of them asking for something (going to a friends house, asking for money…etc etc) sure they ask for snacks and stuff but not as frequently throughout the day as say a middle school or high school student with more freedoms. My main issue lately with both of them has been obeying the first time I ask as well as repeating themselves CONSTANTLY. My son (5) does it much more than my daughter (3) but for example he’ll ask, “Mom, can I have_______?” and I’ll say, “Maybe later after______ (dinner, cleaning up your toys, etc etc but I say after something specific) and he just asks and asks and asks over and over. Another thing he does is he makes crazy sounds over and over like he’ll yell “Blah!! Blah!!!! Blah!!!” and I’ll ask him to stop and he stops for like 5 minutes and starts again with the same thing, it gets really obnoxious and I’ll ask him, “What did I just say?” and he has no idea what I asked, like he not only doesn’t obey but actually does not listen. And. he doesn’t have ADD or ADHD or autism or anything at all so that’s not the issue, I can assure you. Maybe, I have to work more on MAKING him focus his attention? If so, any one have any ideas for exercises or methods to expand this skill with him?

  6. GSCOT

    I will try this; but I have 2 “What If” questions:

    (1) What if my son is rebellious, and says, “well, sorry, but I’m going to go to my friend’s house anyway…” and he leaves the house? It’s only a matter of time before he figures out there’s almost nothing I can do about it… At that point, do I kick him out of the house?

    (2) What if he’s okay with the “or else”? I take away the Xbox; “fine.” I say he can’t go to his friend’s house; “fine.” He has already had his laptop taken away, and his phone, and his Xbox, and his TV privileges, and on and on… N-O-T-H-I-N-G stops the sneaking and the disobedience. Nothing.

    So what do I do?

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