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Getting Ready for High School – a Parent’s Perspective

June 11th, 2009

What are your biggest concerns for your children in high school?

My daughter is looking forward to starting high school in September. Since our local high school is rather large with almost 3,000 students, she is concerned about being able to find her classes, navigating the complicated registration process, and keeping up with the academic demands.

From a parent’s point of view, there are much bigger issues in high school. Peer pressure, drugs, gangs, and hookups are just a few of our fears. Are our children ready to face these challenges at this stage of life?

I think it would help to sit down with our high schoolers over some ice cream, and let them know what we hope and pray for them during the next 4 years: that high school is more than going to classes, football games and homecoming dances.

Here is what I hope for my daughter’s upcoming 4 years of high school:

1. Make friends with people with big dreams and goals for their future beyond high school. No drama queens that obsess over boys, please. Some sensible friends who do not take the high school social scene too seriously would be better influences.

2. Act not on popular opinions, but on her values. In a pluralistic society, there is no shortage of ideas and opinions. I hope my daughter stands firm on what we’ve taught her to be right and wrong.

3. Develop an area of interest that she can be passionate about. The teen years are a good time to explore different fields and discover her talents. Maybe she won’t be another “Undeclared” major when she enters college.

4. Take on leadership opportunities, with or without a title. Not everyone has to be ASB President. But having the initiative, confidence and wisdom to lead in any setting is good practice for character development.

5. Maintain an innocent view of life. High school girls are still young enough for slumber parties and tea parties with just the girls. There is no hurry to date, to dress like an adult, or to party.

What do you want your high schooler to get out of high school?

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