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Plan for the Perfect Teen Summer

June 9th, 2009

Schools Out - Perfect Teen Summer

It can be hard entertaining smaller children for the summer months but have you ever tried keeping a teenager engaged and entertained?

School ends and suddenly, your teen has no idea what to do. Or they waste their days staring blankly at the TV screen, playing video games or even worse, they just get themselves into trouble.

Instead of letting each day slip by, there is a proactive approach you can take to make this the summer where your kids are fully engaged in safe and fun activities.

One of my favorite people Aurelia Williams, Certified Life Coach, put together a toolkit called  “Schools Out! Plan the Perfect Teen Summer” package. It includes:

– Interview recordings with experts on the topics of:
-    Getting ready for the next year of high school and college prep.
-    Helping your teen deal with sexual and drug-related peer pressure.
-    Keeping your teen busy, entertained and focusing on positive things.
-    Creative ways to help your teen find a job or even start a business.

There are also some very practical tools to use that information, such as:

– Action Plan for Teenagers: A practical 10-week plan to keep teens occupied during the summer.
– Keeping the Balance Report: Staying friends with a teenager and raising them to be happy and successful.
– Summer Work for Teens Report: Suggestions and strategies for finding summer work.
– Summer Learning for Teens Report: How to prevent learning loss over the summer.

There is more that comes in this package. The price is so reasonable at $19.95, you can’t lose.

Get all the details by clicking here to Aurelia’s site.

Summer has begun! As our kids say – HAGS! (have a good summer!)

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  1. Great resource..thanks! But I think I have this summer cover. This year, my 13 year old daughter all of a sudden became interested in sports. You name it, swimming, soccer, badminton. And that’s in addition to spending time with friends at the mall/movies – pretty busy summer for her. Thank goodness I got her a cell phone earlier this year – she checks in and I always know where she’s at. It’s a prepaid TracFone so she learns how to budget her phone usage and I don’t have to worry about overages. Best tracking device 🙂


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