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10 things your kids really want from you

September 28th, 2011

Your child may say he wants those $200 pair of Nikes, but what he really wants from you is not what money can buy.

What children need is not more stuff that fills space, but the kind of stuff that fulfills their emotional needs, the space in their hearts. Ask a child what he wants from his parents and he’ll probably come up with a list something like this:

1. Listen without criticizing or giving a lecture.
2. Be fair with rules without being too tough or lenient.
3. Have a sense of humor and have more laughter at home.
4. Don’t pick on every little thing they do wrong.
5. Use those magic words with them that you taught them to use – please, thank you, I’m sorry
6. A hug, a pat on the shoulder is nice.
7. Don’t be sarcastic or demeaning.
8. Let them live the life they are called to, not what you want for them.
9. Don’t compare them with their siblings or other people’s kids.
10. A mom and dad who love each other.

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