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Advice for a new mom

January 11th, 2010

3293404966_b90359540d_mA friend of mine had her first baby last week. On her Facebook status, she said, “Bring on the new parent advice!”

What advice would you give her?

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  2. I would say-Sleep when the baby sleeps. Everyone told me that and I never did and I suffered for it. Its not worth it. Your brain doesnt work properly when you are exhausted and you will be stress instead. Your baby won’t know if the dishes aren’t done!
    Also-breastfeeding hurts! dont let anyone tell you it doesn’t. It hurts for a while until everything toughens up and then it will be pain free. I nursed all 5 of my kids and loved it! but it hurt for two weeks every time I started again. So worth it!


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