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Moms need a Mom Cave, $100 HomeGoods giveaway

March 5th, 2011 / 29 Comments

It’s about time we give some attention to the Mom Cave. 

You’ve heard of the Man Cave, but now HomeGoods is giving us some great ideas for a Mom Cave – a little spot to call our own.

I’ve always thought that locking myself in the bathroom is my ultimate personal space. But creating a Mom Cave is much more appealing, and it would smell better too.

Why do you need a Mom Cave? The question should be, Why wouldn’t you need a Mom Cave??

Every mom needs a place to recharge, to regain our sanity, to breathe deeply. It’s a place that reflects you, a place to inspire you and bring back the joy of living when life’s demands get too heavy. You can be alone there doing nothing, or be there working on a pet project. The place to read in solitude, or a place to chat with a friend.

Most of us won’t have the luxury of a separate room for a Mom Cave, at least not this side of heaven. But interior designer Emily Clark say, “No space, no problem.”

“If you don’t have a room dedicated to a Mom Cave, scour your home for any niche or corner to call your own. Is there an area in a low-traffic room that can become your Cave? A closet that can house a desk? Ideally, your space will have a door but if not, consider a pretty, free-standing folding screen.”

–Contest closed. Thanks for coming by– Congratulations to Kim on Facebook for winning this giveaway!

HomeGoods is generously giving one lucky winner a $100 gift card for you to get started on making that Mom Cave a reality! You can spend that $100 on anything to your heart’s desire.


Here are the rules:

1. You get one entry for commenting here with what your color theme would be for your dream Mom Cave.

2. One entry commenting on the status about this contest on my Adventures In Parenting Facebook Page.

3. One entry for posting this giveaway on your Facebook status.

So there is a maximum of 3 entries per person.

Open to U.S. residents only, you must be 18 years of age or older. One winner will be chosen by The contest will close on March 15, 2011 at midnight PST.

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  1. My Mom Cave would be in the color of taupe. It is a soothing and calm color that can be changed up for any season. Vibrant colors of Crimson, Gold and Hunter Green, to give a warm feel. To adding Mauve, Lilac to give a spring touch. TAUPE!!!

  2. I like pink. Good to know that I am not the only one to lock myself in the bathroom just to get some peace.

  3. Lavender. or Orchid.

  4. My mom cave would be blue… I love blue and I would fill it with plants (fake of course) to give me a blue sky-out doors feel!

  5. Something in the blue family would be good for my mom-cave. I like turquoise, too….oohh….vibrant turquoise with soft pastels….

  6. My mom cave colors would be cream with a teal accent wall. Something relaxing with a little edge. Thanks so much for the chance!

  7. I commented on your status.

  8. My Mom Cave would be in any sweet pastel colors,with floral accents.

  9. My mom case would be in cool, calming greens with floral accents.

  10. My mom cave would be in calming greens with floral accents

  11. I’d go with a cheery yellow and some purple accents. :O)

  12. I don’t even know where I would do my mom-cave .. probably our bathroom. The shade of the green in there is just a little off, may even just update the green! lol

  13. I shared on facebook 🙂 and twitter

  14. I commented. Thanks!

  15. I’d go for soft aqua colors-soothing- with either an undersea/ocean or tropical theme to take me away on a mini-vacation.

  16. I will use a very creamy pale yellow to match my existing wall.

  17. I would make it a soft yellow to liven up the look of the room and make it brighter. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! I haven’t touched the area I have started, wouldn’t call it a mom cave, but a place to be creative!

  18. My colors would be pastels…especially lavendar and pink.

  19. My mom cave colors would remind me of my favorite place on earth, which is also my hometown of Hawaii. I’d use baby blue and white to remind me of the beaches of clear water and white sand. Yellow accents bring to mind the perenial sunshine, plumerias that line the streets, and sweet pineapples. Then, lime green for the coconut trees in Waikiki.

  20. My mom cave would be a soothing light sky blue (because I have a husband + 2 boys) with white and pink flowers (because I have a husband + 2 boys).

  21. My dream Mom cave would be yellow in color with white accents.

  22. I commented on your FB status.

  23. Any colors that are calm and soothing, light and airy!

  24. My cave would be robin’s egg blue, white and burnished silver

  25. I’d go with warm colors – golden, browns, warm burgandy

  26. My dream mom cave would be in chocolate brown’s and turquoise! I love these color combinations!

  27. I commented on your status “Awesome Giveaway!”

  28. My dream color scheme would be ivory, red and aqua!

  29. I shared on Facebook!


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