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Will work for jelly beans

September 20th, 2010

Teachers use this method effectively in the classroom, we can use it at home too.

To motivate our children to do chores and develop other good behaviors, use the jelly bean jar system.

* Each time a chore is completed, put a jelly bean in the jar.

* Each time a kind word is spoken or a positive attitude exhibited, put a jelly bean in the jar.

* Each time your children do a kind deed, respond to your requests quickly, or get homework done before dinner, put a jelly bean in the jar.

You get the idea.

When the jar is full, the whole family goes out for a special treat.

Everyone gets to pick their own dessert at the market.

Everyone gets $10 at the arcades.

Everyone gets dessert first before dinner.

You get the idea.

Just make sure the jar isn’t too big, or you’ll have to wait too long for your favorite dessert!

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