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Keeping laughter in the home

January 20th, 2010

One of the impressions I want to leave with my children is that the home is a place of fun and laughter. I want them know that family life is enjoyable, not just tolerable.2338032309_2d8a1f3c82_m

There is enough bad news in the world that we don’t need our home to also be full of solemnness. Isn’t it better if our home was a place of refuge, a respite from the pressures and harshness of the world?

Here are some ways to add laughter to your day:

1. Play games together. I am not a fan of video games,  and I know some kids get carried away with hours of video/computer games. But I am not against owning a game system because I think it gives families an opportunity to play games together.  There is a lot of fun and laughter when we play multi-player gamers on the Wii.  Board games, charades, card games like Old Maid, can be enjoyed by even the younger children in the family.

2. Tell jokes. You don’t have to be original. Get a joke book, or simply search for clean jokes on the internet. At dinner time, take turns telling jokes. Here’s one to get you started –

I have the oldest typewriter in the world. It types in pencil.  🙂

3. Laugh at yourself. When you burn the pot, laugh at the ridiculousness of it instead of getting angry. I laugh at my bad hair,  at the outdated clothes in my closet (I have lots), at my own forgetfulness.

There are too many things to get upset over if you allow them to irk you. Reserve your anger when it really deserves it.

What are some ways you add laughter in your day?

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  2. we are like twins separated at birth!
    sometimes when one of my kids is doing something they shouldn’t, and I am thinking I should discipline them, I may laugh…they look so overjoyed and then kiss me and tell me they love me that it is worth it once in a while to forgive and forget immediately! I just told my husband when he was stressed that laughter is the best medicine!


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