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What can we do for Haiti?

January 18th, 2010

Everyone is talking about Haiti.

Is it enough to just talk about Haiti?

My son reminded me yesterday that it’s possible to feel strong emotions about a devastating situation and that in itself somehow gives us the impression that we’ve done our part. Our mere sympathy for Haiti shows that we are compassionate people, and that appeases our conscience.

When we looked at the map of Haiti, my son added, “It’s not that far. We could even go help.”

Honestly, it had never occurred to me to get personally involved. While realistically I have no skills to offer, and at my age, someone will likely have to rescue me, it still hit a cord that what my son said is true.  I often have compassionate feelings for people, and I think that makes me a kindhearted person. But how often have I personally involved myself to help? Have I truly modeled compassion to my children?

David Livingstone, missionary to Africa, says, “Sympathy is no substitute for action.”SP_banner_Haiti_300x250

Hudson Taylor, missionary to China, says, “I have never seen a man pray without working.”

We can all do our part to first pray for the Haitians and those involved in the relief work. After prayer, I think God will move us to act.

If after prayer you want to give to the relief work in Haiti, please consider giving generously to Samaritan’s Purse.

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