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3 Simple ideas for fun together

April 20th, 2009 / 5 Comments

As my children are older, I realize that much of our time together is merely “parallel” together. We are in the same room at the same time… each on our own laptops – I’m blogging, of course, my kids are doing homework, or updating their Facebook.

While I think it’s a good thing for us to be there together, this is not what I would consider “family time”.

Family time doesn’t have to be sitting around the table for serious conference either.

Simply a time to interact with some fun and conversation is a great way for make deposits into each other’s emotional tank.

I am not good at “planning” family times. For me, family time can be at the spur of the moment, with no special materials, and never expensive. Here are a few of my favorite easy fun ideas for family time:

1. Cook something together. There is something about cooking together that stirs up comraderie. You can never go wrong with baking cookies. Everyone can do a part – creaming the butter, shelling the walnuts, packing the brown sugar,  shaping the cookies, greasing the pan. Of course, mom usually has to do the clean up! The best part is eating them afterwards with a a glass of milk over a board game.

2. Walk somewhere together. The library is one mile from our house. And there is a donut shop in the opposite direction half a mile from our house – which would you choose for your walk??? Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise and saving gas, walking makes you notice things like the various plants your neighbors have, the variety of dog barks, how many cracks on the sidewalk, etc.

When you are outside and moving, it’s easier to talk about difficult topics. Without the confines of a stiff room, it’s less threatening to talk about those friends you disapprove of, or their excessive time on the computer.

3. Clean something together. I don’t mean a big Spring cleaning, that’s no fun. What I like to do is clean a closet together, or a part of the garage, or a drawer, a nook where you may find “treasures.” We find old books and schoolwork that was packed away, clothes that we’ve forgotten about, knick-knacks and toys that haven’t been played with. Cleaning up is just the side benefit. Emphasize spending time together looking at and sharing about those forgotten valuables.

What else do you like to do for family time?

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  2. Your third idea, clean something…my daughter and I did that the other day together. We went through all of her kindergarten mementos…schoolwork I had saved, artwork, photos, report cards. It was so neat to look at all that and remember. I totally agree that this is a fabulous way to spend time together…not watching tv!

  3. Kristen: That’s great! We found my husband’s high school yearbook! You can imagine what the kids thought…

  4. I remember going for a nightly walk with my parents as a kid. It was a really fun way to reconnect and exercise. Hey, I also want to let parents know that you can watch tons of Food Network cooking shows and other fun stuff on Please check out and let me know what you think or what you’d like to see.

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