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Congratulations to Subway gift card winner!

April 19th, 2009

Thank you all for participating my giveaway of activity toys and gift card sponsored by Subway, to encourage TV Turn-Off Week.

The winner chosen by is  Rhonda Hoy!

I hope everyone is encouraged to participate in TV Turn-Off Week this week – April 20-26, 2009.

What do you do when the children says, “I’m bored!” ?

Here are just a few alternatives to TV:

1. Make and fly paper airplanes (use scratch paper, of course). Hold a contest.

2. Set up dominoes and see how long you can make it.

3. Go on a “hike” around your town. Walk instead of drive to buy a treat from the market. (I am thinking of something from the bakery department – Yum!)

4. Set out some containers of various sizes, assign points to each container, and play “basketball” with a pingpong ball or tennis ball. Whoever gets the highest score gets a small prize.

5. Bring out scrap materials, make cards, and send them to relatives and friends, just to say hi. Everyone loves snail mail that is not a bill.

Have a fun week without TV!

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  1. I was so excited to hear I was the winner of the give away! Thank you to Subway for the great and generous outdoor fun prizes and idea pages! Normally we only let our young sons watch dvds (up to 1 hour a day) but after that week, there has been a big reduced interest in even asking about watching any shows or dvd. Our sons are so happy laughing while throwing the Nerf football with their dad…and they can’t wait to plant seeds outdoors! Thanks again for encouraging us to be active and enjoy time together as a family!


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