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Turn a bad day into a good day

February 5th, 2009

The day was hectic.

After I took the kids to school, I met with difficult clients, followed up with a frustrating transaction, and fought traffic coming home.

There was nothing for dinner. I was hungry, tired, and irritated. “Get out of my way so I heat up some leftovers!” I snapped. I shouldn’t even have tried to help my daughter with homework. It was doomed to end in conflict.


Come home, and run to take a hot shower with lots of fragrant bath oil; breathe in deeply the calming scented steam. Change into comfortable clothes and warm fuzzy socks.

“Ah…I’m home to spend the rest of my evening with my favorite people in the world!” Give everyone a hug.

“Let’s go get take-out food and buy ice cream for dessert!”

Never let your day end with anger and frustration.

A bad day can be turned into a good one.

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  1. This is such invaluable advice. I know many families who live on the stress side of the street, and their kids suffer for it. Your kids care more about how much fun they have with their parents than material things or home cooked dinners. Even if this means taking time to take car of yourself, if the end result is a happier you, then that 30-60 minutes was totally worth it!

  2. Hi Kate: Sometimes we should not take on too much so we won’t get so stressed. That’s my problem.


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