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When it’s one of THOSE days

December 8th, 2007

No matter what a great parent we may be, we all have one of THOSE days…the baby is hollering, the kids are fighting, the dishwasher overflows, there’s nothing for dinner…

We’ve tried all the usual tricks – bake cookies, play with Playdough, eat snacks, watch TV, eat another snack…

Nothing is working.

I just read a great idea called the Emergency Cupboard. Lisa Warner keeps a small supply of “stuff” that your children has never seen. When it’s one of THOSE days, bring something out of the Emergency Cupboard and get a couple hours of peace.

The stuff in the Emergency Cupboard doesn’t have to be expensive or even new. Here’s what to stock in your Emergency Cupboard:

1. Past Christmas or birthday presents that you didn’t let your kids open yet.
2. Stuff you found on sale that you couldn’t pass up.

3. Prizes you’ve been saving as rewards.
4.  A few DVDs that the children have not seen before. I’ve found used ones at garage sales and library book sales at really cheap prices.
5. Little cheap toys you find at the thrift shops or Dollar Stores.
I agree with Lisa that when all else fails, bring out that unseen DVD and curl up on the couch.

Ahhh, lying down feels so good! Sometimes it’s quite a feat just to survive one of THOSE days.

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