Discipling our children: Engaging technology

(Continuation from Part 3 in the discipleship series)

So what can we do to disciple our children? I can suggest a million things, but I’m sure no one wants to read all that. I’ll talk about the most practical ones that I’ve done with my own children and you can pick and choose which applies most to your situation with your children. Discipleship is not one-size-fits-all, so it’s not the specifics but the idea that matters, and you can tweak them to what works for you.

1. Engage technology

I love technology because it levels the playing field between generations and closes the gap between us and our children.

There are many things in our children’s world that we cannot understand because we cannot be there. The lack of understanding drives us apart.  But technology is one thing that young and old can participate on even footing.  I cannot go snowboarding with the kids, but I can play computer games.

In order to disciple our children, we need to walk alongside them, and knowing what our kids are into with technology is one major way to build connection.  I can guarantee you that the digital mode will increase in influencing our children; smart phones and the Internet are not going away. If you have not already done so, make sure you are engaging in social media, the latest computer games, the trending topics, the top apps, and the most viewed YouTube videos.

Engaging in technology serves three purposes.

One, it helps you understand your children so that you can speak into their lives effectively where they are at.

Two, it lets your children know that you are not old-fashioned and irrelevant, to be relegated to the Dark Ages, gaining you a level of respect.

Three, you can help your children navigate some of the dangers of technology since you will see firsthand the temptations they face.

Let me add one more: There are many digital tools and resources you can find to help you disciple your children.

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