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Are you checking your smartphone way too often?

Are you checking your smartphone way too often?

In my previous post, a parent asked about limiting texting for kids.

Let’s turn the table around now – how often are parents on their smart phones and ignoring their kids?

I see parents checking email or doing work on their smart phones while having dinner with the family -  a common scenario I’ve seen at restaurants. In fact, I do that myself!

According to a study, “On average, the study subjects checked their phones 34 times a day, not necessarily because they really needed to check them that many times, but because it had become a habit or compulsion.”

Does that hit a nerve? It hit me smack on the head.

Many times I find myself checking my iphone for no good reason while talking to my daughter. “Mom! You’re checking your phone again!”

If that’s you too, let’s STOP that habit. Let’s not just blame the kids for being addicted to social networks and games. We need to set the example of ending the addiction.

2 responses to “Are you checking your smartphone way too often?”

  1. Asianmommy

    Haha! I had to stop myself from checking my phone today while I took the girls to go get ice cream. I had to tell myself, “Live in the moment!”

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