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Baby Sign Language

June 7th, 2011

I recently took a sign language class, just for fun. It was there that I found that parents were teaching their toddlers sign language. Why?

I’ve asked Mey at to explain.  It’s a website featuring digital resources including a baby sign language dictionary, baby sign language flash cards, and baby sign language wall chart 100% free!  Check it out.

My friend asked me last week how I taught my daughter Baby Sign Language (BSL) and if it really worked. Her question made me realize how many people out there do not know the benefits of BSL, nor do they know how to start. So for those who are wondering what the point of BSL is, and how to start, here is that information.

Why Teach Your Baby BSL?

The first thing you should know are the benefits. One of the biggest thing parents get out of it is the ability to communicate with their baby at a much younger age. This leads to less temper tantrums and less frustration for the parents. Yet it will also make it easier for your baby to learn to speak verbally, this is because they already have a vocabulary, they just need to use it verbally. Additionally, as it develops your baby’s brain sooner and faster, your child will become more advanced mentally.

How Do You Teach Your Baby BSL?

I started teaching my daughter at 8 months, but you can start as early as you would like. Six months is usually the most commonly used target age. There are two very important things to remember however. One, make sure you only start with five or so words, and do not introduce more until your baby has mastered them. Second, it may take months for your baby to start signing back—but don’t worry, they are processing the signs you are making.

When teaching your baby BSL you should remember FREE: Fun, Repeat, Encourage, Expand. Keeping it fun will make it less stressful for you and your baby. Make sure to repeat the signs every time that your baby is shown the object. When you see your baby attempting to make the signs, encourage her. After your baby has mastered the first set of words, add a few more.

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  1. I taught my daughter a bunch of signs when she was about 1 year old. It was fun!


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