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Body piercing extremes

November 22nd, 2010

You’ve heard of nose, bellybutton, tongue, lips and even nipples piercings, but have you heard elf ears body modification?  I couldn’t believe it when I read it on Vanessa’s parenting blog. Take a look at it at Vanessa’s blog and tell me what you think.

I am sure if someone was born with elf ears, she would have it surgically corrected.

Why are teens looking for extreme ways of “self-expression”?

Any insight into this?

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  1. I think it’s rather boneheaded, to say the least. Now I should also mention, I have two tattoos. I’d like to think they’re beautiful and tasteful. I’ve no intention of becoming the Illustrated Woman.
    As someone who’s gone through a dozen reconstructive surgeries for facial birth defects, it really annoys me when I see people doing such extreme things to their body. They’re going to get old and wrinkly one day, and they’re going to look a total fool then. Not to mention the potential bodily damage caused by modifications. If you want pointy ears, get them at a costume shop and have fun. Don’t be a complete moron and waste thousands of dollars to carve up your ears.

  2. You’re right. Unfortunately, young people don’t think of the future long term effects. Thanks for that comment, Alyssa.


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