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Body piercing extremes

Body piercing extremes

You’ve heard of nose, bellybutton, tongue, lips and even nipples piercings, but have you heard elf ears body modification?  I couldn’t believe it when I read it on Vanessa’s parenting blog. Take a look at it at Vanessa’s blog and tell me what you think.

I am sure if someone was born with elf ears, she would have it surgically corrected.

Why are teens looking for extreme ways of “self-expression”?

Any insight into this?

2 responses to “Body piercing extremes”

  1. Alyssa Mallozzi

    I think it’s rather boneheaded, to say the least. Now I should also mention, I have two tattoos. I’d like to think they’re beautiful and tasteful. I’ve no intention of becoming the Illustrated Woman.
    As someone who’s gone through a dozen reconstructive surgeries for facial birth defects, it really annoys me when I see people doing such extreme things to their body. They’re going to get old and wrinkly one day, and they’re going to look a total fool then. Not to mention the potential bodily damage caused by modifications. If you want pointy ears, get them at a costume shop and have fun. Don’t be a complete moron and waste thousands of dollars to carve up your ears.

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