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What do you think of the cry it out method to teach babies to sleep?

May 17th, 2010 / 4 Comments

Get two parents together and they are bound to disagree on some issue of parenting. Today’s hot button issue is one of those that parents would debate and disagree.

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Today’s hot button issue #6:

“Controversy over parents using the “cry it out method” to teach babies how to sleep through the night has been going on for ages. Advocates say there are better ways to help babies learn how to soothe themselves and sleep through the night.” (from

I think both sides of the issue are right, depending on the age of the baby and his/her personality.

When my babies were infants younger than 7-8 months, I didn’t let them cry it out. I believe they needed the comfort and security of being held. It’s awfully scary to be left alone. I wouldn’t like it, would you?

When my daughter was about 2 years old with separation anxiety, she didn’t want to sleep in her own bed. I did try to let her cry it out. The “experts” say to set the timer for 5 minutes and let her cry. It was the longest 5 minutes I’ve ever endured! When the timer rang, I go in to check on her, soothe her, and then the timer is set for another 5 minutes. She would cry again, gagging and literally throw up from crying.

Honestly, I couldn’t let her cry it out. I ended up staying with her until she fell asleep.

My daughter is 20 years old now, and [as far as I can tell] those incidents didn’t cause any lasting harm!

So my advice is, go with your gut instinct. If you think it’s not right to let your babies cry, then don’t follow anyone’s advice to let them cry it out. If your child can cry and fall asleep without too much trauma on your part or his, that may be the right tactic for your child.

If I have to err, I prefer to err on the side of giving more comfort and security. I don’t believe a child can be “spoiled” by being soothed to sleep by you. And no worries, you can be sure this is something they will grow out of. They will not be crying for you when they go to college.

What do you think of crying it out?

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  2. woo-wee! posted on my facebook and got a lot of comments! Seems to definitely be a hot button issue. Thanks for your post.!/lmstraessley?v=wall&story_fbid=118199261551140&ref=mf

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  4. I think it really depends on the personality of your child and your own personality. I also believe that God gives us a Mommy Instinct when something is really not right. I tried cry it out and threw it out the window. I’m glad I did, because later I found out my child actually had some health issues which looking back if I had did cry it out, I would have really regretted it. Only you as a mom know when your child is just manipulating or when he really needs you genuinely. I also do agree that after they are 1 y.o. they are able to emotionally deal/cope with crying it out more than when they are an infant.


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