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2-year-old abducted in Walnut

2-year-old abducted in Walnut

I live in Walnut, CA, named by Money as #70 best places to live. There is no graffiti, low crime rate, I’ve always felt safe to take a walk at night.

However, parents can never assume the safety of our children, no matter where we are.

Last Thursday during a Little League softball game at the park close to my house, 2-year-old Andrew was abducted. This was not in a dark alley in the middle of the night; this was in broad daylight with a lot of people around!

Perhaps the mom thought it was safe for the toddler to stray a bit from her sight in this small community amongst friends of the Little League. Perhaps the little guy wandered too far. But there was a perpetrator there looking for an opportunity and found it. I don’t know the details. I can only imagine the terror the family was going through.

The good news is, according to the news report, the boy was found in the back of a car, looking “groggy”, but apparently otherwise unharmed. He tested positive for alcohol in his system. Unfortunately, many abductions do not have a happy ending.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an average of 2,185 children are reported missing each day!

Recently I received warnings from my daughter’s school that there has been reports of attempted abductions of middle schoolers while they walked home from school. I used to let my children walk the 1/2 mile home from school. I don’t anymore.

While on this topic, last weekend when I was at the mall, I went to the restroom and noticed a baby in a stroller, outside the women’s bathroom, unattended! What was the mother thinking?? Why didn’t she push the stroller inside the bathroom with her?

I believe the potential physical dangers of our children serves as a wake up call to parents of the moral and spiritual dangers faced by our children. In a culture where we are hailed for multitasking and keeping busy, our attention to our children have become laxed. We allow the TV, internet, pop culture into our homes without a second thought. We need to be vigilant and pay attention.

Parents, let’s watch out for the safety of our children in ALL aspects of their lives.

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  1. Leslie S.

    So scary!

  2. Divina

    So scary! This is a parents nightmare.

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