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The importance of other adult influences on your children

February 16th, 2010

Have your kids ever said to you, “Of course YOU say I am good at _________(fill in the blank). But you’re my mom.”

Our assessment of our children is most often correct, but we are perceived to be biased in our opinions, and therefore discounted.

For example, I’ve always told my daughter that she had a gift with children. But when my daughter was asked to teach the children Sunday School class by our church’s Children Director, it made much more of an impact on her to know that another adult held the same opinion.

In Trey’s blog post today, he said, “I learn new things about raising boys all the time. One thing I’ve picked up on lately is how important it is that my children have encouragement from someone other than their parents.”

Do your children have other adults in their lives who know them well, and who give them affirmation?

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  1. Yes my kids absolutely love their Aunties and Uncles and they certainly receive commendments and encouragement from them all the time.


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