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Why should our homes be fun?

Why should our homes be fun?

I  noticed that I talk quite a bit about having fun and laughter in the home.

I suppose this is because I hear too often from teenagers that home is not a place they want to be.  They are bored at home; their parents nag them; they would rather be out with their friends.

It is understandable that teens will begin to exercise their autonomy as they get older. This is something we have to accept, to some extent. But when teens actually despise being at home, or just lock themselves in their room to avoid interaction with the family, that is quite a heartbreak for parents.

Would you agree that all parents desire to have a good relationship with their children? That’s obvious. But because of the generation gap, communication gap, cultural gap, and every kind of gap you can name, the natural course is for the relationship to break down. Therefore, it takes intentional efforts on our part to build that relationship with our children. We cannot afford to leave it up to chance.

Beginning at a young age, I wanted my children to have fun just being at home. We don’t have to go on expensive vacations or spend a lot of money on activities. We can simply enjoy each other’s company playing games, reading together, eating together. I want home to be associated with warmth and laughter.

I am fortunate that my children (ages 22, 20 and 14) do enjoy being home. We still have fun, we talk, we play games. I don’t expect them to stay home every night. But if they like being at home with me, I consider myself very blessed.

So I suppose that is why I like to talk about purposefully bringing fun and laughter into the home. After all, if your home is negative, you wouldn’t want to be at home either, would you?

5 responses to “Why should our homes be fun?”

  1. Pete Aldin

    Well said. I honestly think you’ve done tremendously well to have this story to tell about your own kids. Give us some tips!!!

    My oldest is about to turn 14. Usually we have a lot of fun still. (Though he just came in and started a fight with me. Sigh).

  2. Cindy R

    Yep I totally agree. My Parents always made spending time at home a fun part of my life and I am sure that is why I looked forward to comign home.

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