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Making the most of your money

September 8th, 2009 / 4 Comments

I think it’s safe to say that all of us wish we have more money. The reality is, we don’t.

Yet I’ve found from personal experience with financial struggles that having limited resources helps us sharpen our values. So while we talk about saving money and making the most of what we have, what we are really doing is allocating our resources according to our values.

My podcast today is with Heidi of Little People Wealth. The subtitle of her website is a good “one-liner” description of what we talk about in  this interview – Spend Small to Live Large. Heidi not only knows how to “spend small” (see her article “97 Ways to Save Money!“), but she shows us how she prioritizes her spending and how that reflects the values that her family lives by.

Heidi came from a large family where she learned from her parents, from a young age, how to live frugally. But her good spending habits is not what makes Heidi an outstanding mom. What I like is her commitment  to put her family first.

Click below to listen to my interview with Heidi of Little People Wealth.


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  1. […] in listening to my interview with Heidi where we talk about saving money and family values – Making the Most of Your Money.) […]

  2. Thanks, the interview was very enjoyable 🙂

  3. great post-I agree completely! But my motto is laugh or you’ll cry!
    We laugh a lot at our house, and I think that is why my kids friends want to be here, why they tell my kids how much they like me. I dont need to be their friends, but its nice to know that they like me and enjoy being at our house! I would prefer to keep them all close, so I know what they are doing!

  4. Nice blog. I totally agree with your post. Money is not just about everything if we learn how to control it and not the other way around where money controls us. We just need to be wise about spending habits and look for ways where we can save a lot.


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