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From childhood to adulthood

May 1st, 2009

Early this week, Pete Aldin guest posted a series on Initiation into Manhood/Womanhood: Rites of Passage.

I’ve not read too much on this topic, and I think Pete had great ideas.

I particularly like the idea of having mentors for our children.

A 5th grade boy at church, I’ll call Johnny,  has been going through what I might call growing pains. He’s a tween.

Johnny’s misbehavior has been irritating, but I know he’s not a bad kid.  I think he is trying to navigate the growing up process in that difficult period between being a “little kid” and a teenager.

It happens that one of the young adult guys who has been helping with the children could be a “big brother” for Johnny. He used to be rather mischievous himself…it seemed like a good fit.  “Maybe I can take Johnny out to play basketball or something.”

Some attention, some sharing of common growing up experiences, and  some gentle advice would help Johnny journey through the tweens. I’m excited to see how this mentoring will work out, especially hoping that Johnny will not be disruptive when I teach the class this month!

Have you had experiences with a mentor for your children? Have you been a mentor?

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