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What we learn from Michael Phelps

3 responses to “What we learn from Michael Phelps”

  1. Rohan

    Your kids will use drugs at one point in their life. You can’t stop it. Caffeine is in your tea, alcohol is in your drink, and Ganja will get into their lungs at some point. Prevention is impossible, guidance is key.

  2. Kate

    I struggle with this as a parent as well. As someone who can count the number of time she’s smoked cigarettes on one hand and never has even seen any illegal substances, will my son, when he grows up, think that I don’t know anything and not even listen to what I have to say?

    You make an interesting point about the high achievers though. It would be really interesting to see the statistics of the percentage of kids at Harvard that have smoked pot versus the kids in the ghetto of Boston.

    I think the biggest key is having open communication with your child. If my son someday tries it, I want him to know he can come to me before or after.

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